Few issues with the softbrick restore

It looks like I’m having a problem with the shell root. — Use this temporary solution (which utilizes SuperOneClick), until I can get a chance to fix things. 1. Download SuperOneClick from shortfuse’s site: http://www.shortfuse.org/ 2. Download my temp script, and unpack 3. Unpackage and run SuperOneClick 4. Boot the Atrix into FastBoot, and...

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NorCalEinstein script to unsoftbrick the Atrix

From: NorCalEinstein [SCRIPT] Soft Brick Recovery For Windows users, I’ve created a script based on designgear’s thread on steps for recovery from a soft brick. designgear’s original thread on soft brick recovery: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=966405 —– This script is all-inclusive. It will temp. root (no need to...

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