Atrix SBF leaked. Download link at the bottom

Edit: This method now works with RSDlite5. Well today a russian website leaked the SBF. And here it is. FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK. You must have your phone in USB Dev mode. Install RSD5, any other version with brick your phone. Rom version is :1.5.2 Source : SBF File:¬† Well moto C&D’ed me so google¬†...

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Few issues with the softbrick restore

It looks like I’m having a problem with the shell root. — Use this temporary solution (which utilizes SuperOneClick), until I can get a chance to fix things. 1. Download SuperOneClick from shortfuse’s site: 2. Download my temp script, and unpack 3. Unpackage and run SuperOneClick 4. Boot the Atrix into FastBoot, and...

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NorCalEinstein script to unsoftbrick the Atrix

From: NorCalEinstein [SCRIPT] Soft Brick Recovery For Windows users, I’ve created a script based on designgear’s thread on steps for recovery from a soft brick. designgear’s original thread on soft brick recovery: —– This script is all-inclusive. It will temp. root (no need to...

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