How to relpace your Galaxy S3 Screen

How to relpace your Galaxy S3 Screen

So, did you crack your shiny new Galaxy screes? Well you’re in luck becasue for 20 dollars and a little patience it can be back to new. First you will need a set of cheap tools and the new glass.

Replacement Glass:
Screen Protector:
Assorted Plastic Tools


Remember as with all DIY mods to your device, THIS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! Now that we got that out of the way lets talk about process a little.

Step 1. Chose a low dust area IE. humid basement or run the hot shower for a few minutes. When the air is really humid the dust settles to the ground. (Same for applying screen protector)

Step 2. Put tape or leave your screen protector on! If not tiny glass shards could lad on the LCD (Not good)

Step 3. WATCH the VIDEO!

EDIN: A rumor is floating round that different versions of the Galaxy S3 have different size glass, this just isnt the case. Here is a picture of i535 under i9000 exactly the same size




  1. Hi, is it possible to have a high-res photo of the result ? The procedure seems really interesting (and hard with all that glue) and I would like to know if there is any mark left of the replacement with this new glass screen !


  2. I can try and get some higher res photos there is a screen protector on the phone now though. If you look REALLY hard you can see a few specs of dust under the glass but you cant see them at all when the screen is on.

  3. latchimy ickbal

    Hi thank you very much for your video
    To day I ve tried it on my phone I didn’t have a heat gun so I took a fan heater and at the end every thing was perfect every thing was working but after a few minutes the screen start coming off where thethe home button is because I removed the glue there . when is like that I can’t use the touch screen what should i do ?

  4. Buy the adhesive in the video description, that will fix ya. You could also try a dab of super glue if you need it sealed right now

  5. Hi !
    I did the glass replacement yesterday. at first sight, everything seems OK, but after a few tests my touch screen sensitivity is not perfect. Sometime, on drag especially, the contact is lost and it’s clicking instead of dragging.
    Is there any issue for that ? Have you the same problem ?

    BTW, thanks for your helpful video :)

  6. Awesome video! When you remove the screen is the glue only on the edges? I saw one video where the guy said there is extra adhesive under the glass that can be removed. It looked like it was under the middle of the glass. I wasn’t sure if that was really the case or not. Maybe it was just a piece of film that wasn’t really required for the fix? Thanks for your help!

  7. where can i get the glass to buy your video is much appreciated.

  8. Hi. Can I ask where in general are you located? And would you be willing to do this repair on an S3 if I sent it to you and paid you? Thanks.

  9. I suspect that dust intrusion may be an issue in the long term. This won’t show up until a few weeks, but if there is the slightest little crack in any corner of the screen dust will start getting in between the two surfaces. If you have any feedback on how much dust is getting in, that would be good to know. Thanks.

  10. Hi there. I looked all over the internet to find a solution for cracked/broken glass on samsung phones. Is there any chance that method shown here would work for a nexus 3 i9250?
    Thanks in advance. :)

  11. hi there !!
    i make step by step all of this.. i change my glass but now the ” tuch ” dont work … i dont cut something i thing what is the problem ??

  12. hi there !!
    i make step by step all of this.. i change my glass but now the ” touch screen ” dont work … i dont cut something i thing, what is the problem ??
    Hope: i think i dont need new screen ? :(

  13. hi is the glass in the description the glass you used to replace screen and how was shipping?

  14. Do all screens in eBay or amazon work for the Sprint phone cracked screen? L710 ? like the i9300 and all that?
    also the buttons do u know anything about that Matt? please help :)
    You said it was a rumor.. but its really confusing when i try to buy a new screen it says a lot of different models and usually the one i want is more expensive.

  15. All S3 screens work with each other

  16. You might have to much gap try reseating the screen other then that sounds like the actual LCD is damaged.

  17. Sorry I don’t know.

  18. The glass is inset into the bevel no dust gets in.

  19. Im in Philly area. Sorry I don’t do phone repairs.

  20. Its in the description.

  21. Adhesive is over the whole sheet. When you put the glass back on its only on the edges.

  22. Reheat push on the edges harder and try again.

  23. The screen that i buy does it have to have a sensor on it?

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