NorCalEinstein script to unsoftbrick the Atrix

From: NorCalEinstein

[SCRIPT] Soft Brick Recovery

For Windows users, I’ve created a script based on designgear’s thread on steps for recovery from a soft brick.

designgear’s original thread on soft brick recovery:


This script is all-inclusive. It will temp. root (no need to use SuperOneClick), create a /data/recovery folder, push services.jar, framework.jar, and framework-res.apk to the /data/recovery folder, and then copy them to /system/framework

USB debugging needs to be ON.
Unpackage the .7z archive
Execute “Run Me – Atrix Soft Brick Recovery”
Let the script run, and wait for the phone to reboot.
(Reboot might take a few moments, leave your phone alone and wait it out!)


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