Atrix Laptop Dock review.

Atrix Laptop Dock review.

Well I picked up the laptop dock a few days ago. So I figured I would write a short review.

Size: This thing is thin. Its only 2-4 mms thicker then the cellphone itself.

Thin laptop dock

Battery: I used it for about 8 hours, and I still had 2 bars on the dock left. So it can last for a long time.

Keyboard: The keyboard is one of my favorite on any net book sized devices. They have a really nice feel. And the spacing helps cut down on typos.

Track pad: I hate it :-) . The touch pad is just to large. My palms hit it, I always tap the bottom of the touch pad when I’m really going for the left click button.

Screen: The screen is pretty sharp. But its just to small for me. If you are someone used to reading a 24in screen, then its going to be a bit rough getting used to the tiny letters on the laptop dock.

Built in speakers: Loud enough. When my TV was playing in the background I could hear music fine.

Pros: Webtop OS loads pretty fast, and runs surprisingly quick. You can change the Android view from landscape to portrait. What makes that so great is you can set your SMS like an instant messenger program on the side of the screen. Another great feature is you can copy and paste from Webtop OS into Android os. Has 2 USB ports. You can plug in anything you want really. I’ve tried mouse, keyboard, Thumb Drive. All of them worked flawlessly.

Laptop Dock

Cons: Enter key doesn’t seem to work as the send button on some apps in android. IE: In sms view you have to click right then enter to send your test message. You wont be able to install Webtop OS apps without a hacked version. To use GSM Internet (Wifi works fine) you either have to apply a hack or pay ATT extra. HQ flash is a bit choppy, but it really feels like this is a software issue. The system isn’t lagging while using HQ flash, so I think we will see a fix for this.

Conclusion: If you really need a netbook or love to be online everywhere, then you will really like this device. Its priced a little high, I would say its a good deal around $150 – $200. If you’re looking for a laptop replacement then this is not the device for you.

P.S. This whole review was written on the Laptop Dock. :-)


  1. I’m hoping I get a chance to try the dock out myself. I’ve used the webtop mode and I find it slow as well. I’m not sure if I want to buy the dock but it does seem like a cool toy.

  2. We’ll I flashed the leaked SBF and now my flash runs very smooth

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