Firmware DVD Burner Updating

What is a firmware? Why do we need to constantly update our firmware? What does a firmware have to do with a DVD Burner? Do these questions sound familiar to you? Are you also curious when it comes to firmware DVD Burner updating? Well, look no more because it will all be addressed in a jiffy! The first thing you need to know is that all CD/ DVD Burners and Re-Writers come with a firmware. A firmware is a set of coded instructions that is stored permanently on a chip within the optical drive that internally controls the electronic device. This firmware can easily be updated by the user by downloads from the World Wide Web.

But this still leads us back to one of the questions, why do we need to update our firmware? Undoubtedly, the more obvious advantages include the fact the latest firmware has the ability to fix many of the bugs and viruses that came with the DVD Burner when it was purchased and has the capability of providing your DVD Burner with extra features such as the ability to burn a Dual Layer Media! But what is a Dual Layer Media (also referred to as the DL DVD+R Media)? It is the newest technology of optical discs with a remarkable 8.5Giga Bytes of storage capacity! This can allow up to 16 hours of VHS quality video, 4 hours of DVD quality video and over 120 hours of MP3 audio! There are also firmware available that enables the computer user to change the Book Type and Bit Setting of their DVD media! In essence, this allows for more compatibility with compact discs that have different Book Types that the Book Type Value of the burner.

Fundamentally, Firmware DVD Burner updating is imminent due to the fact that new Media is constantly being placed onto the market for consumers which have higher burn speeds with different Media ID’s. In order for one’s DVD Burner to be able to use these new Media, new and updated firmware has to be released that has greater compatibility with more Media types. Hence this is the reason why updates are important. It must be noted however that usually when a new DVD Burner is introduced onto the market for sale, it is likely that it will be compatible with media already available to the public so there is no immediate need for a Firmware DVD Burner update!

But the most important thing you should remember is one should take precaution while updating their firmware! Even though they can be easily acquired through internet downloads, there are various unofficial and hacked firmware that can potentially damage your burner and void all warranties that came with the purchase. Thus, it is always good to research before any downloads are made and even more importantly, visit the DVD Burner manufacturer’s website that will provide you with the official firmware. Happy updating!

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