The Revolution of Built Computer Cases

Who would have thought the day would have come where one would be able to carry their laptop around without using the usual black, ugly, heavy laptop bag! Well, it has happened, with NY’s Built Computer Cases! Undeniably, people are now able to move around with their notebooks without becoming an immediate target for computer thieves as the usual computer bag was able to quickly give away. No longer do people have to struggle with a computer bag as Built has revolutionized these cases by implementing replicas of folders in which, this case would fit easily into one’s book bag!

But I bet many of you are wondering if these built computer cases have the durability and safety measures in place as their predecessors did? In fact you all are more skeptical than willing to accept this revolutionary change of computer cases and more to believe the idea that it is just the fashionable phase of laptop bags and that this too shall pass! Wrong! Sorry to disappoint but these cases have come to do the work while look good doing it! Featuring a hard shell, this extra thick neoprene material is not only durable, but is also stain resistant and thereby providing that maximum protection the consumer needs.

But what about the added storage your old computer bag used to provide and how will this new fashionable bag cover such a task? Well, NY has made sure to it that there includes a built in pocket where cords and cables could be stored safely. Come on, you know you want to give into this lovely invention! What else could you ask for in a built computer case? If you are the type of person that craves colors, whether its polka dots, Dalmatian spots, rainbow colors or any of the sort, then choose the perfect case for your colorful lifestyle! Who said your laptop bag had to be overtly black and boring!  It even includes bumper patterns which would spur nothing but excitement in kids! Cases usually fit laptops of size 15-inches and can be placed in your washing machine to be washed.

Be sure to get your own copy of NY’s Built Computer Cases at any of your favorite stores including Dell, PC Connection,,,, Ebags or even ANT Online! This is just to provide as many choices as possible from you to choose the most reasonable price from, as living in these harsh economic times calls on us all to shop more wisely and cautiously. So it is in the best interests that you apply such methods while staying trendy and more importantly protected!

So whether you are walking to and fro classes on campus, to an internet café or even to your office boardroom, do it with glamour with your stylish, chic and sophisticated computer case! Don’t be mistaken however, these trendy cases are also available for the sophisticated professional male who wants to ditch the usual ugly bag but still look certified!

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