The Cheapest, Most Affordable and Correct Way to Clean your Monitor’s Screen.

I know your might think it’s just like cleaning any other part of a computer or any other device for that matter, but the reality it, it is not even close! It is especially important, that we as PC owners take special care in ensuring the longevity of the monitor’s screen which, come on, let’s admit it, a clean screen on your monitor that gives you a clearer view of items displayed on your computer never hurts after all! And that is exactly the aim of this article, to show you a simple and easy way to keep that screen looking good as screen while costing you little or nothing!

One of the first things one should consider while preparing to clean a monitor’s screen is finding the right utensils to use while cleaning. If you’re conducting this task at home and are looking for the cheapest and most affordable way to clean your monitor, then listen carefully to the following steps! It must be noted that items such as paper towel, dirty cloths, methyl chloride, ethyl acid, acetone, ethyl alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners are not acceptable cleaning agents for your screen especially if it is a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor screen you are cleaning. These agents can be extremely harsh on the screen and will eventually damage the monitor’s screen resulting in more costs on your part!

Rather, utilizing a clean soft cotton cloth dampened with water will do the magic! Additionally, making a simple solution of water and vinegar or water and isopropyl alcohol can also do the trick. If you prefer to invest in cleaning agents made specifically for this use, then you can purchase one of the many commercial products exclusively designed to clean monitor screens. The cloths that one would usually find via these means are anti static, dust free cleaners which are chemical-free.

Now that we have covered the cleaning agents, it is now time to get down to business. First things first, ensure that the monitor is off before cleaning that not only ensures less static and electricity, but also makes finger prints and other spots more visible. Next, be sure to dampen the cloth instead of the screen when cleaning; proceed by gently wiping the screen starting from the top downwards. It is especially imperative that you are careful in not pressing too hard on the screen, principally the LCDs so as to prevent damage. This is of dyer importance because pressing too hard on the screen with one’s fingers may cause the pixels to burn out which would equal nothing but trouble and money to repair or purchase a new screen!

Generally, all manufacturers present their own recommendations on how best to clean and care for a monitor’s screen but as many of us are guilty of not ready the manuals that come with our PCs, then these general guidelines expressed above prove really beneficial! Take heed!

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