Get rid of right click menu programs.

Get rid of right click menu programs.

So you want to be able to get rid of the annoying right click menu programs. Its very easy, here are the steps to do it.

**IMPORTANT** Backup your registry before you edit it.**IMPORTANT**

Step 1. Windows XP. Go to Start, Run and type Regedit. Windows Vista / 7, Go to start then in the search box just type Regedit and hit enter.


Step 2. Go to File, Export and save your registry somewhere you can find it.


Step 3. Click the plus sign near HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT


Step 4. Click the plus near *


Step 5. click the plus near shellex


Step 6. Click the plus near ContextMenuHandlers.


Step 7. Locate the program you want removed off of your right click menu.


Step 8. Select the program. On the right hand side of the window right click on (Default).


Step 9. Select Modify and delete the key. It should look something like {B41DB860-8EE4-11D2-9906-E49FADC173CA}.


Step 10. Click okay, restart your computer and the program should be removed off of your right click menu.


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