Logitech DiNovo Edge

Logitech DiNovo Edge

I just got a new keyboard called the DiNovo Edge for my living room computer. WOW it looks amazing!


Now for the review:

It has a star trek type volume slider on the right hand side and a touch pad under that and function keys like a laptop. The keyboard has a super nice feel to it and has a charger. It has silent but clicky keys like a laptop. lack of the keypad was annoying but defiantly not a deal break. And for anyone with a multimedia pc in a living room or high traffic area it does not get any better.

The battery life is pretty good. I have had it off the charger for a week now and it’s still running like a dream. I did have an issue when the Wifi antenna was leaning on the Bluetooth usb adaptor but once I moved the antenna over and inch it was corrected.

A neat little trick I learn when installing the keyboard. If you just plug in the usb Bluetooth the only device it can connect to is the keyboard, but… If you hold in the connect button while inserting the usb Bluetooth adaptor windows see it as a Bluetooth adaptor and you can connect any Bluetooth device to it.

So to wrap it up.


Looks amazing.

Typing and feedback are amazing.

Bluetooth adaptor works for all Bluetooth devices.

Touch pad and volume slider work just as well as any laptop I have used.

Charging station.


Sleek and sexy black finish gets finger print marks easy.

No keypad.

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